About Nicole PresentNicole first learned pottery at a young age in France as an apprentice in 8 different professional studios. Soon after moving to Sonoma Valley, CA in 1977, Nicole built a large gas kiln and set up a studio at her home where she made her stoneware and porcelain for several years.  After an inspiring trip to Arizona, and New Mexico, Nicole discovered a Southwest Indian technique in which she began to practice the process of burnishing then firing in sawdust. Since then her work has evolved over time, continuously influenced and inspired by her environment that surrounds her.

Nicole’s ceramics are all functional pieces with warm round shapes and glazed in a variety of colors. She hand throws all her work on her electric wheel, hand glazes every piece and fires in a low temperature electric kiln. Nicole’s themes and color pallets continue to evolve, making every piece one-of-a-kind and unique with its own imperfections. All her work is produced in her little studio in the Sonoma Valley, and is open to customers who want to stop by and visit. If you are in the Sonoma Valley area, feel free to stop by, otherwise please send her a message to set up an appointment for a visit or to inquire about custom orders.

 Career Timeline

1966-1967: participated in workshop at Château de Ratilly, Saint Amand en Puisaye, France.
1967-1968: apprenticed with sculptor and potter, Jeanne Lachieze-Rey at  St. Romain au Mont d’Or Rhone (near Lyon, France).
1970-1971: studied with Gwen Hansen. Learned how to fire in large wood kiln work at the large production studio of Digant in la Borne, France. This is a traditional pottery village where most of the work is still wood fired.
1971-1972: worked with J. Pierre Payen in Gorde, Provence, France.
1972-1973: apprenticed with potter, sculptor, decorator, teacher Jean Claude de Crouzat, Geneva, Switzerland.
1973-1974: worked with potter Philippe Cart, Annecy, France.
1974-1975: worked with sculptor and potter Jeanne Lachiez Rey, Saint Marcel lès Sauzet, France.
1975-1976: worked at la Grange aux Potiers, Tournon, France.
1978:  built gas kiln.


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